We prioritize local participation and capacity development to improve regional stabilization, project security and sustainability. Initiated in 2007, our community and capacity development program took just a year to cover 75% of Afghanistan. The program is based around community development groups in the communities of our projects.

These groups help support project implementation by recommending and providing local resources for each project. At the community level, we provide job-specific training for locals through on-site workshops. At the individual level, we offer continuing training for our project and core staff so that they can enhance their existing proficiencies.

And at the corporate level, we are regularly incorporating lessons learned utilizing best practices and partnering with other service providers to enhance our organizational processes and systems.


We aim to integrate local perspective with a global initiative in our project execution - thus, ensuring that we promote local capacity development. We strive to maintain our reputation and ethics as a responsible and pro-active company, by minimizing the environmental impact of our activities, as well as our usage of natural resources.