Design & Engineering

With an in-house design team composed of over 20 surveyors, designers and architects each with 5-30 years of experience. We have designed 23 complex projects featuring multiple facilities, utilities, helipad areas and other site development works. We can assist you in realizing your design dream, by implementing efficient solutions.

International Construction

Our flat and decentralized structure enables us to precisely and quickly implement any construction project within budget. We have decentralized and kept our efforts focused on projects underway. We are doing this through our regional coordination centers in Herat, Kandahar, Kabul, Kunar, Khost and Nangarhar provinces. We currently manage 21 projects, 18 construction subcontractors, 45 suppliers, three geotechnical subcontractors, demining and security providers. Our planning engineers, procurement, quality and safety personnel are deployed in the coordination centers mentioned. These personnel are responsible to supervise and control project efforts to minimize or eliminate the need for the clients to control the project.


RRCC was selected as one of the five companies awarded a multiple award task order contract exclusively for road construction. With a total maximum value of $750 million over three years, the selection for such a large award recognizes our capacity to perform critical work for the US government. Moreover, RRCC was recently awarded a $500 million indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract from the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Operations & Maintenance

We have the expertise and necessary organizational resources to support any large operation and maintenance of project in an effective manner. We have the experience of providing operation and maintenance services for one of the largest road projects in Afghanistan funded by USAID. This project which stretches from west to south and southeast and ends in north, covered almost 75% of Afghanistan.

Heavy Civil / Horizontal Construction

As one of our core specialties, RRCC has performed heavy civil and horizontal construction work on tens of miles of highways and roadways.

To support this work, we also self-perform the ancillary work including utilities (wet, dry, underground, etc.), concrete, site work, and excavation.

Unique In-House Design Capabilities for Faster Project Delivery

With in-house design capabilities, we fast track design to obtain construction approval as early, often at the 35% design stage. While other firms must spend the time to find a design partner, RRCC can hit the ground running and more effectively phase construction work onsite in conjunction with design activities. This defining strength of our team, assures that no delays occur in the fast-track delivery process.

"I have been privileged to work side-by-side with RRCC for the last 12 months here in Afghanistan and I can honestly say that they are one of my two companies here in country. Their demonstrated technical expertise, their eagerness to accomplish any task-no matter how large or small within time constraints which sometimes border on impossible-, and their total devotion to quality and safety have made them an integral part of the success that ECCI has proven in in remote and hostile environments throughout Afghanistan. In the time we have worked together, they have become not only partners in our demonstrated success, but they have become my personal friends as well. I have no hesitation in recommending them whole-heartedly to you."

Steve Clay AFCEE Project Manager ECC International, LLC

For the period of this contract, I have enjoyed working with RRCC. They are an up and coming Construction Company in Afghanistan and working with USACE on multiple projects throughout different provinces in Afghanistan. One MILCON project is currently on going with RRCC in Shindand Air Base. In Herat alone, we have been able to complete the subject project (consisting of 2 sites) in adversely remote areas. I strongly recommend future work with RRCC, and it was a pleasure working with their management team who demonstrated professionalism and responsiveness throughout the life of the project. "

Nabil Abourialy Resident Engineer USACE Afghanistan Engineer District South

I would like to show my best wishes and success for this trustful company which had strong management capacity so that accomplished our project in very good quality under satisfactory condition, even 15 days sooner than the contract time in this contingency situation. Furthermore, I have high commitment to their work and recommend them to any other organization for partnership."

Ajmal Sherzai Country Director Ockenden International
RRCC is a superb road construction company with the strongest management team we have witnessed thus far in country. Their road construction work is the field is equally excellent. It is well recognized that the latter road project is the most challenging engineer project to be undertaken amongst the 12 roads launched this year by UNOPS secondary and district roads program. I have also formally recommended RRCC to USAID for the strategic-level road O&M contract along the recently completed ring road into Herat. Moreover, we assess that this company is capable of successfully competing against international construction companies in Afghanistan. "
Stephen Brent Appleton Program Manager USAID Secondary and District Roads Program, UNOPS
I congratulate you on your accomplishment working in dusty weather, with violent neighbors at very remote site with difficulty to delivery of supplies. Your employees are building to professional standards and doing tests that usually are done in an accessible area. Yes, we here at Qalat Project Office are proud of you too. Keep up the good work. "
Rich Sallans Project Engineer US Army Corps of Engineers
RRCC is trustful, Hardworking and quick implementer for the emergencies situations. The company planning, procurement, safety and quality control is highly appreciated for on-time implantation of the projects. The company will be a good implementer for the similar project for the other organizations and had very good engineers, machinery and equipment for the proper implantation of the complicated engineering projects. With many thanks from their performance, I have complete confidence on this company and have strong commitment to their work for any further client. "
Eng. D. Louis Enrique Lardies Head of construction team Spanish PRT / Tragsa
The site looks very good. Nice job, I don't think you'll have any problem getting the project completed in time. Keep up the good work."
Dennis Carey Construction Representative AEN USACE