A             PROCUREMENTS

RRCC Procurements having two main sections,

  1              Local Procurement:

In Local procurement we are having two type of Procurement.
  • * Procurement  in HQ, RRCC having a well experienced and technical team in HQ-Kabul which is all time ready for fulfilling all sites and projects requirements from Kabul Market after its unavailability in regional locations.
  • * Procurement in Branches, RRCC also having a well performing procurement officers in its each sites, which in direct touch with Project management and needs, and making efforts in said projects success

  2              International Procurement:

  • RRCC Having a glowing and experienced team for its needs from International market in all over the world, RRCC continuously doing direct imports ( ordering & its shipping till final Destinations in Afghanistan) for its projects and markets as well from US, Europe, Middle East, Turkey and different Asian Countries, which is effecting extremely the net & final turnover of the each project.

  B             LOGISTICS

RRCC Having a talented & well experienced team of Logistics officers in its HQ Kabul and it’s all regional projects, after the Procurement its Logistics who is supplying and filing all the projects requirements in order to make the projects in success.

  C             STOCK & ASSETS / INVENTORY:

RRCC Having a huge, well organized and technically settled stock in Kabul, which is well managed by our experienced & Qualified Store officers his team of professional labors and helpers, meanwhile RRCC Having in its each and every project a well set stores with professional filing and records,
ASSET team of RRCC also performing well on their parts, keeping and merging all stocks, consuming and returning stuff in records with its Quantity and Quality.


One of the Core & Valued departments of the Company, who is performing a well-known and much essential role in the eventual success, is Logistics and Procurement.

It’s a successful Procurements & Logistics only, which is playing a vital role in placing the design and drawing shown utilities on real ground, to present a final shape of project to a society.
Road & Roof Construction Company (RRCC), Procurement & Logistics Department also playing a vital & dynamic role in all over RRCC Construction Projects from its beginning till end, after having a much qualified and well Experienced management and its team of Procurements, Logistics, Asset and Stock officers in HQ Kabul with its all Branches of Herat, Kandahar, Zabul, Nanagarhar, Kunar,  Laghman ( Gamberi ), Khost, Kunduz and Farah Provinces.



RRCC has large number of owned Heavy Machineries, vehicles and equipment for implementing its vertical & horizontal projects.

RRCC has more than 80 huge and medium type of vehicles & machinery exclusively owned by the company, dedicated to its projects for implementation reliable construction solutions.

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