Project Name Site Adapt Construct ANP Afghan National Civil Order Police Patrol Battalion
Client US Army Corps of Engineers


This project consisted of design and construction of sewer, electric utilities, road and parking, and multiple facilities including Demining/UXO clearance of the entire area, Design
and Construction of admin buildings, six barrack buildings, deep-water well including well house and disinfection facilities, Motor Pool Area consisting of 13,256 m2 gravel area and 484m chain link fence, 1285m of Perimeter Security Wall, stone masonry with concrete core, and 10 guard towers, ASP Yard consisting of 8,051 m2 aggregate surface with 360 m chain link fence and lights, fuel tank with 20,000 liter capacity and MOGAS fuel tank with 5,000 liter capacity.

It worth mentioning that this project also included design and Construction of water supply and distribution system consisting of two 7000 gallon water storage tanks, two water towers and water distribution network of approximately 850 m, valve boxes and manholes.