Project Name Site Adapt Construct ANP Afghan National Civil Order Police Patrol Battalion
Client US Army Corps of Engineers


This project consisted of design and construction of water distribution system, sewer, electric utilities, road and parking, admin buildings, six barrack buildings, dining facilities, latrine buildings, training buildings, warehouses, wash racks, POL storage, fuel operator buildings, secure storages, small arm storage building, weapons storage buildings, trash points water supply and distribution system, construction of deep water well, including well house and disinfection facilities, electrical utilities, site electrical prime power generation, distribution and fuel storage consisting 800 KVA two Generators, Fuel Storage and Vehicle Refuel Point, and site communication infrastructure.
This 13.96 million dollars project also included Storm water collection and management system consisting of 1,280 m trenches and structures. Construction of roads, Walkways and Parking areas, consisting of 20,929 m2 meters of aggregate roads. 1285m of Perimeter Security Wall and 10 guard towers.